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To get started on fast cash, send your request form right away! How long it takes to get the money depends on when we get your request. We’ll pass it on to the lenders for a quick review. When you get an offer, you can sign it for a quick cash turn-around. Your lender can give you more specific details.

Payday loans are online loans that are quick, easy and are typically short-term. The amount you can get is less than what you can get in a personal loan, but there are no payments involved. Your next paycheck will pay off the loan. Your lender will want to know your salary details to know how much money you can get.

No one will ask you why you need the money and what you’ll do with it because it’s not their business! There are no restrictions, so you can buy anything you want with it. Usually, it’s used to pay for bills that are due or emergency expenses, such as medical bills.

Since we work with online lenders, your credit score isn’t so important. Online lenders are less picky about your credit score, if your current situation is good. Whatever your credit rating is, you are welcome to freely send in your online request. Let our lenders review your request and make an acceptance decision.

When you get an offer, you can look at it and see that all the expenses are written for you to see. After you sign the offer, nothing will be added. There are no hidden fees.

That’s up to you! If you pay back the loan exactly as you are required, then your credit score will be unharmed. In fact, you can even begin to build your credit score up just by paying all your bills on time. An accepted way to improve your credit rating is to get a loan, such as a payday loan, and then pay it off or make the payments exactly according to the offer you signed.

Send your online request form to Max Payday Loans and we will try to match you up with a lender who can accept your specific need for cash. When you get an offer, you can discuss the terms and see if the offer matches what you want.

That’s an excellent question, because payday loans only have one payoff. When your next salary comes in, it will be used to pay for the loan, so you won’t have payments after that.

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